Eytan Zana: Naughty Dog Concept Artist

Eytan Zana is a Concept Artist Illustrator working in the Entertainment Industry. Graduating in Digital Media in 2010, Eytan started his career creating storyboards and concept art for Zoic Studios, soon after Eytan...

Nicolas Bouvier: Art Director for Halo

Nicolas Bouvier has been an active artistic director and concept designer in the gaming industry since 1996. Born in France, he now lives in Seattle, Washington, working for 343 Industries, Microsoft. Nicolas has...

Zhang Hm

Zhang Hm is a concept artist in the Entertainment Industry with over 9 years experience in the games industry, Zhang Hm has worked both in freelance...

Yongsub Noh

YongSub Noh is a freelancer Concept Artist based in Seoul, Korea with over 14 years experience.


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