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A blog created by Entertainment Industry Artists.

As the Entertainment Industry is continuously evolving, through art, design, back-end systems and workflows, Artists must strive to survive, prosper, and fundamentally adapt to the ever changing market that is Entertainment Design across multiple platforms. Be it Video Games, Board Games, film, TV, VR, console, handheld, AR and PC, the future of tech is ever changing, artists must continually adapt to the mediums that our society reacts too.

This blog was created as a celebration, PIMPage, and visual clarification of the excellent work that these Artist have had to endure, prosper and become dynamic over the years. We Celebrate the amazing work that Artist’s produce, Studios direct, the power of the individual, as well as group collaboration that manifest progressive design.

We hope you take the time to submit your work to us, to show others what you have produced, as an individual, or your team’s efforts.

We strive to contact every Artist / studio before submitting to our blog, if you feel your work is misrepresented, we hope you take the time to resolve your issue with us, or to ask to have your content removed.

We hope you enjoy your visit to ConceptRoot, signup to our newsletter, follow our social media feeds, and get inspired by the amazing Artists that keep our medium revolutionary, every changing, stressful, but a unique experience to everyone who uses their free time to play our games, watch our movies, and flow through our mediums.


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