Kimmo Kaunela is a 3d artist from Finland, Turku. Kimmo has been working in game industry for the last 5 years. He has spent most of that time with mobile games. Currently Kimmo is working hard with a VR game called Planetrism with a team of two devs.

Kimmo started 3d first as a hobby 10 years ago. First making 3d cars and then went to study to become a car mechanic. After graduated he made a decision to start doing 3d full time because that was something he liked. Since then Kimmo has been doing all sort of things from tv ads to realistic stills and now game art. Being a self taught artist has a lot of benefits says Kimmo, but its also hard and requires working every day. Improving skills is important to be a better artist. That is why Kimmo says he tries to do a lot of personal projects.

kimmo-kaunela-10 kimmo-kaunela-11 kimmo-kaunela-14 kimmo-kaunela-15-1 kimmo-kaunela-15-6 kimmo-kaunela-16

kimmo-kaunela-artstation-3 kimmo-kaunela-cave1 kimmo-kaunela-cave2 kimmo-kaunela-cave3 kimmo-kaunela-skylake1 kimmo-kaunela-skylake4 kimmo-kaunela-zerou2-f


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