Bhavesh Visram is Concept Artist and Co-Founder at Twisted Owls. Based in London, United Kingdom, Bhavesh is relatively new into following his passion of Concept Art as a full time career.

Bhavesh is a self taught artist and has been working on his skills for the last three years to develop a strong visual style in his own work and has only recently started to promote himeself online. Bhavesh says that he has always loved to draw but never believed he was strong enough to have a career in art so he went down the route of an office job which didn’t last long as his passion for drawing was always stronger. This lead Bhavesh to dive in to creating and working on his skills as an artist and developing his portfolio and online presence. Bhavesh says he did this through watching a lot of gumroads tutorials, youtube  videos and a ton of practice.

Bhavesh has set up a small concept art business called Twisted Owls with his co-founder/concept art partner.

bhavesh visram the path

bhavesh visram hidekobhavesh visram burning village copy bhavesh visram key scene copy  bhavesh visram tube tanks

bhavesh visram trap bhavesh visram mech key 3 bhavesh visram key art2 copy copy1 bhavesh visram psddd bhavesh visram neon streets bhavesh visram sea shrimp creature com bhavesh visram alien egg bhavesh visram s1 copy copy bhavesh visram oper 4 copy bhavesh visram temples 31 bhavesh visram rings 3
bhavesh visram r copy bhavesh visram haunted  bhavesh visram vagun bhavesh visram valley paint copy copy bhavesh visram industrial sci fi bar bhavesh visram fight stage copy bhavesh visram pods1



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