Dr. Chee Ming Wong is a Creative Director & Environmental/Transport Design Lead at Opus Artz. working with a diverse range of game & animation developers worldwide such as Visceral Games, Sucker Punch productions, 2K Marin & 2K Australia.

His previous roles include being the External Creative Director on The Edge of Twilight, Art Consultant on Bioshock 2, Dead Space & Infamous franchise and a ardent Wacom Evangelist.

In addition, Dr. Chee Ming Wong also regularly hosts artist workshops, tutorials and articles, and is a keen proponent of continuing art education and the promotion of entertainment arts to the wider public via the auspices of TIGA/UKTI. His works have been published in a variety of international books and magazines.

With a longstanding passion in future space and aerospace technology, Dr. Wong is an official artist for the International Association of Astronomical Artist (IAAA) and also holds a medical doctorate, having specialized in Anesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine.
Titles that Dr Wong has been involved with include AlienNation, Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel, Battlefield hardline, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, DeadSpace 2, DeadSpace 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Lords of the Fallen, The Division: Dark zone and Trackmania 2 and more.

chee-ming-wong-ds3-feeder chee-ming-wong-moon chee-ming-wong-moon-face Cintiq24HD CintiqFlagship-ProcessMap

CMW-Daywalken_productionnotes CrashedRX178 DeepSpaceOmegon Koshime_FrozenCaisson Koshime_LBXUnderwater KSH-Propulsion MonsterHunt-F NC177MMXII_Soujorn Need for Speed Wanted Opusartz_dishonored_preproduction Opusartz_dishonored_preproduction2bg
Opusartz_dishonored_preproduction4 OPUSARTZ_STEAMPUNKSpread SklarHunt_present SP-islandwarship SP-Lavapit_koshime SSP-ElectricCastle


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