Björn Hurri is currently a Lead Concept Artist at Opus Artz, a 2D production design agency based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Björn has been a professional artist in the entertainment industries for over 10 years and has also developed an indie game called The Other Brothers as an Art Director .
Björn has been apart of many award winning titles that include Dead Space 2, Bioshock Infinite, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Spec Ops: Front Line, Infamous 2, Shadowrun, and Total War.

Bjorn Hurri is a well respected concept artist, known for his speed and imagination. Born in Sweden, Bjorn relocated to London and established a highly succesful career as a senior concept artist in just three years, filling his resume with clients such as NCsoft, Catalyst Game Labs and SEGA whilst working for several years on a number of AAA titles before joining Opus Artz as our Lead Artist.Hard working and always striving for perfection, Bjorn’s approach to his craft is relentless in his dedication. With a full understanding of a game development pipe-line, Bjorn is very experienced working with in-house teams and managing efficient and seamless workflows.
His diverse experience and talent spans across all genres including characters, props and environments and no challenge is too great. His keen eye for detail, honed with relentless daily perfection of the digital and traditional medium lend to his exceptionally wide range of talent and skills which he brings to all studio

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