Donglu Yu is a Concept Artist in the Games Industry, currently a Senior Concept Artist at EA and Co-founder of CGPB(CG Portfolio Boost) helping aspiring Artist push themselves further. Living in Montreal, Canada, Donglu Yu Has worked also as a Lead Concept Artist for Warner Bros Games for 2 years, and also for Ubisoft Montreal for 3 years. Recent projects include Far Cry 4, Assasin’s Creed 4, 3, Brotherhood and Project Legacy. Donglu Yu has also previously worked at Edios where she worked on Deus Ex III: Human Revolution for 2 years. Titles Donglu Yu also been featured in several publications including Expose  and Exotique.

” I have always more than enjoyed surfing the boundless world of animations and video games since childhood. As I developed my artistic skills over the years, my passion for the CG industry has not only fueled my imagination and creativity, but also the desire to share it with other artists. It is my great pleasure to be part of the CGSociety and get inspired by passionate and talented artists around the world.”

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