Joël Dos Reis Viegas is a Senior Concept Artist and Animation Director currently working for EA. Joël is also a Co-founder / Director and Vice-president at STEAMBOT, a creative agency based in Montréal. Graduating in 2D/3D animation at CFT Gobelins (Paris), Joel Dos Reis Viegas benefits having a strong animation background before becoming a concept artist. Joël has worked for several companies worlwide (Warner Games, Eidos Montreal, Ubisoft, Attitude Studio, Alphanim, Genaka Studio, PAM Development, Virgin, Universal Music, BMG, …). He participated on various TV animation series and video games (Brink, THIEF 4, Unreal Tournament 3, James Cameron AVATAR game, Pro Beach Soccer – PS2/xbox – Top Spin – Xbox – Naruto: Rise of a Ninja – xbox 360 – Skyland – Cartoon Network/ Teletoon …)



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