John Kearney is an artist and Art Director from England and has over 19 years of professional experience in the games industry. John has worked on numerous genres and over time, gained a wealth of knowledge in both 2D and 3D disciplines. For a period, John took time out to focus on illustration and went on to work for ImagineFX magazine as a Photoshop expert, in addition to creating special edition front cover art for the same magazine.

After his artwork was featured and awarded accolades in books like Digital Art Masters and Exposé, John returned to games by co-founding an indie studio with a former colleague in 2007. He worked there for several years as Art Director on numerous projects, creating hit games for the likes of Sony.

More recently, John ventured into mobile gaming and created all of the 2D art for a small iOS game for kids by the name of Fire Fu, which was featured by Apple and published by Channel 4. Since desiring a return back to high-end graphics, John has taken some creative time out, explored voxel graphics for fun and is now gradually making the transition to the world of freelance art for games and film.

Alien_3D Charcoal_Portrait_WIP Fire_Fu_1024x768_02 Fire_Fu_1024x768_04

Fire_Fu_1024x768_05 Freak john-kearney-androgyny john-kearney-triffidia Malesquis The_Fallen
Voxel_Cyberpunk_Scene Voxel_Drone Voxel_LeeLoo Voxel_Sci-Fi


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