Jonathan Wilson began his professional start in Game Development in 2016 after moving to Europe from the USA. Jonathan had been working on his own work and posting it to Artstation. Jonathan didn’t think much of it until a game company, TutoTOONs, contacted him after seeing his work there. Jonathan ended up learning their proprietary game builder and creating a mobile game app with them, start to finish. Concept, character and environmental designs, storyboards, prototypes, the works. Jonathan said that It was a great learning experience. the game had launched this past summer (2017). Shortly after that, Jonathan found a short project doing environments for another game app called Mission Atlas from Learning Yogi which led to now presently freelancing for Avokiddo.

In his free time, Jonathan is working on his own children’s book (and is looking for a publisher) Jonathan  also does freelance in Graphic Design (digital and traditional print).

instragram: @jonathanwilsonart

jonathan-wilson-dzien-dobry-babcia-design jonathan-wilson-journey-to-shushnya-04jonathan-wilson-cd-02-a jonathan-wilson-desert-photobashv02jonathan-wilson-cd-02-f

  jonathan-wilson-dx-british-cat-03  jonathan-wilson-dzien-dobry-girl-design-revision-04 jonathan-wilson-highland-study-10-final jonathan-wilson-journey-to-shushnya-03  jonathan-wilson-bran-stark-09-lowjonathan-wilson-last-son-of-the-silver-mountains-final-pass2 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-development-00 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-development-06 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-development-07-rev
jonathan-wilson-shushnya-guardian-04 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-intro-update-01 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-thumbnails-04 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-thumbnails-05 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-thumbnails-06 jonathan-wilson-shushnya-thumbnails-750px


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