Josh Kao is a Senior Concept Artist at Microsoft 343 Industries based in Seattle, United States of America. Josj Kao is works as a Freelance Concept Artist. Josh has been working in the Entertainment Industries for over 9 years, having worked on many top AAA projects including Halo 5, God of War: Ascension, Halo 4, CoD: Black Ops 2,Playstation All Star Battle Royale and many more. Josh has also been involed with many Film projects including independence day 2, Jupiter Ascending, Ender’s Game, GI Joe 2, Firefall, Tron: uprising, X-men: First Class, Hop and Yogi Bear.

josh kao sinova josh kao prop 13 ArkTerraform generic sci fi Bog 01

josh kao meridian warzone conceptweb josh kao cruiser v3 Ext Back Porch 01 refined final josh kao meridian warzone final2 josh kao haven remix v5 priority 04 R paintover Final web josh kao 11357189 578747130300 9059807139139483716 o josh kao castle2 AerialShot Terra Refined v2 josh kao nyc aerial refined 01 josh kao underwaterbase remix desert approvedweb
Terra Landing zone v4 bwHub1 paintover v13a josh kao courtyard paintoverv2 josh kao underwaterbase remix bridge detail v2small bridge side 03paintover v3 josh kao 40min


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