karakter is a visual design & Creative Development studio for Entertainment Productions. Since 2008 Karakter has been contributing with high end design to internationally acclaimed franchises.
The studio has worked with top talent in the industry to provide to projects and studios such as Game of Thrones, Killzone Shadow Fall RYSE Son of Rome, Black Ops III, Horizon – Zero Dawn, Middle Earth – Shadow of War and Anno. The Managing Director and Lead Artist for Karakter is Henrik Bolle, Tobias Mannewitz is the Creative Director and Valentin Lessnerkraus as the Associate Producer. Further artists past and present to karakter include:

Tom Hiebler Senior 3D DMP Artist / Concept Artist at Trixter
Dario Coelho, Concept and Storyboard Artist
Marko Schöbel, Future Center Europe – Volkswagen Group at Senior VR Artist
Ville Ericsson, Freelance Concept Artist
Sara Han, Concept Art Student
Dan Blomberg, Freelance Concept Artist
Larissa Hasenheit, Game/ Concept Artist
Viktor Jonsson, Freelance Concept Artist
Mike Hill, Designer at
Tim Loechner, Freelance Illustrator
Florian Stumpe, Freelance Director / Art Director Motion
Kirill Barybin, Concept Artist
Philipp Scherer, Concept Artist bei KARAKTER Design Studio
Valentin Lessnerkraus, Associate Producer bei KARAKTER Design Studio
Adrian Wilkins, Freelance Concept Artist bei Karakter Design Studio

Karakter says that they pride they pride themselves with their visual designs to be charismatic, genuine solutions developed by means of holistic, brand-conscious thinking.

KARAKTER GameOfThrones 01 MoatCailin 001 tmKARAKTER KZ4 Helghast spire exterior entry KARAKTER Ryse Last man standing KARAKTER Ryse Landing KAR GoT2 Garden of Bones karakter design studio got3 astapor exit KARAKTER Ryse Panic room karakter design studio got3 mancerayders camp KARAKTER Ryse Wickerman KARAKTER Ryse Gates

KAR KZ3 magazine cover hazmat KARAKTER Ryse Carthage KARAKTER Ryse Insula aftermath KAR GOT3 Dragonstone KAR ANNO Cathedral KAR WEB PRO VAR Darkorbit 002 ANNO Venedig FINAL karakter design studio kar cirithungol warmonger karakter design studio kar key anno 1800 harbour cropped karakter design studio kar gorgoroth black karakter design studio kar gorgoroth marauder karakter design studio carja ceremony 005 cm small karakter design studio kar inc rockymountainschase highres karakter design studio gots06 sept001c karakter design studio gots06 basterdswunwun004 karakter design studio got6 citadel fd 01 karakter design studio gots06 meereenattack010 karakter design studio gots06 cave033 karakter design studio got6 meereenparkview skt 005 b tm karakter design studio got06 mereen gates fd 02 karakter design studio kar boiii hunter full karakter design studio kar boiii firebreak full karakter design studio kar boiii reaper full
karakter design studio kar boiii prophet full karakter design studio got 5 web 03 karakter design studio kar nasa assassin section karakter design studio kar nasa flagship module  karakter design studio kar nasa flagship KARAKTER KZ4 spire exterior KARAKTER KZ4 Engineering bay 02 KARAKTER KZ4 Lab equipment KARAKTER KZ4 drone V22 KARAKTER KZ4 station interior 01 KARAKTER KZ4 Dropship KARAKTER KZ4 Destroyed hallway01 KARAKTER KZ4 Airlock inside KARAKTER KZ4 Lab hallway01




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