Nicolas Ferrand has been an active concept designer in the gaming industry since 1999. Born in France, he now lives in Montreal canada working as a Senior Concept Artist at Electronic Arts (EA) motive.

Nicolas Ferrand has contributed to the development of several AAA released games: Splinter cell 2, Ghost recon 2 for Ubisoft paris ; Then he moved to Canada to work on Splinter cell 3, Prince of persia 3, Splinter Cell 4, Assassins creed, Far cry 2, Avatar (game from the movie) , Assassins 2 and Thief 4. Now hes working as a freelance Senior concept artist : Movies or video games. Open to challenging jobs , with a level artist 3d experience , he can do the link between the production and the concept design.

SM Houses2CG1 BOT1 fin o Ship02 CG01e o Tavern finaleend o SpeedArch1 Invasion3 CG1 o July speed2011 1b o Invasion2 CG1 o SpeedShip018 o SHIP05 CG03 o Exploration CG1 o Southquarter POMill CG1

Ice CG1 o SpaceshipBook1 CG1c SpeedshipNov11 o SUB2 CG2 o SUB1 CG2 o nicolas ferrand logodeusi nicolas ferrand apocalypse byviag 01 nicolas ferrand nf scarecrow bot conceptsite nicolas ferrand nf scarecrow tankdoublegun 01site nicolas ferrand ark sketch final nicolas ferrand thejunkstation by nf2 nicolas ferrand apocalypse byviag 03 nicolas ferrand alertontheblock nf nicolas ferrand apocalypse byviag 02 nicolas ferrand ship27 01 nicolas ferrand nf ship25cg nicolas ferrand ship24cg2 nicolas ferrand rtype fanartbyviag nicolas ferrand asylum inside1chimera cg1 nicolas ferrand ship13 01j nicolas ferrand gumroad pub nf1 TheArrival Ship07 CG01c SHIP22 01f o nicolas ferrand insectgod regfinal NF Exposition
nicolas ferrand devilcentaure cg01e nicolas ferrand safe cg1 SHIP019c o SWbot 01 o Attic sequence CG1 Bowsimetrik CG1 o Ship20 CG01c o DP ApptArchitect CG1 docks CGfinal3 PrisonCGfinal sm2 CG1finv3fin PlaguedeathCG3garett LH CG1 DP view2 CG1 Destructionpart2 Engroom CG1b DP bathroom CG1



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