Nikola Angelkoski currently lives in Skopje, Macedonia. Since Nikola was a kid, he found his love and passion about the visual design in the game and movie industry. It further developed to become his dream to create concepts and design new worlds, using nothing but his imagination. Nikola decided to pursue this dream in 2013 when he was halfway through his faculty studies of business and logistics when he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t see himself being happy and fulfilled working every monday to friday a type of job that is dull and decided to pause his studies. With stress, dedication and determination Nikola decided to buy a cheap tablet and purchase a few tutorials, gathering information and learning on daily basis how to become a better concept artist, and set his goal to one day join the “big leagues” in the entertainment industry. Nikola started doing freelance commissions for various clients, including a few websites just so he could earn money and expand his library with references and tutorials.

Two year later Nikola decided to join the ranks of FX3X as an intern for Digital Paint (cleanup) where he had the chance to learn from some of the best seniors in that company. While working there his main focus was still to work as a concept artist so he joined a group of friends to develop our personal project called “ABSOLUTION”, a survival FPS game that we are still actively working on.

Nikola’s first step in the game industry was when he was invited to work for an Indie development studio, HatchFox Studios to work on a tactical FPS shooter game called “Project Athena”. There he had the privilege to do various environment concepts and design interiors and props for the game’s first prototype.

Now Nikola is working at LDM&TV STUDIOS as a Concept Artist for feature Movies and TV Shows.

nikola angelkoski env zone01 101 v1

nikola angelkoski 12 nikola angelkoski lab render

 nikola angelkoski hallway nikola angelkoski anthema lake 108 v1 nikola angelkoski untitled 1 nikola angelkoski 2131231
nikola angelkoski aaaa nikola angelkoski grenades 101 v1




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