Nivanh Chanthara is a Concept artist Originally from France, Nivanh Chanthara is currently employed at Eidos Montreal where Nivanh works in the design of characters, environments and props.

Self-taught, Nivanh Chanthara went from amateur drawing on benches of the school graffiti and urban art, to professional graphic design. After 10 years working on various projects in the areas of BMX, skateboarding, fashion, textile and advertising, Nivanh Chanthara made ​​his debut as a concept artist in 2007 on the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures ( Méthod Films , pre-production two years between Paris and the Isle of Man.) Nivanh was recently involved with the beginning of Ghost In The Shell concept exploration
In 2009, Nivanh Chanthara crossed the Atlantic to join the video game industry by entering at Beenox , Quebec.For 3 years, Nivanh Chanthara has collaborated in the creation of games Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions , The Amazing Spider-Man as well as a AAA project still undisclosed.

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