Rasmus Poulsen is currently an Art Director on AAA projects.

 Rasmus says he has always drawn from imagination. Knights, cars and creepy castles…you know. He had always watched all the fantasy and sci-fi movies he could get a hold of, and loved dreaming himself away into imaginary lands.

Rasmus bought the ‘Art of Star Wars’ books at some point in the early nineties, and after falling over some of the coloured re-issues of Akira in his local comic book store, Rasmus knew that the artistic avenue was a very wide and varied one. He was also interested in the flyers and posters from the Rave and Jungle scene of his formative years, and this field impacted him as well. When Wipeout came along for the PlaystatiRasmus started studyingon in 1995, everything just sort of merged perfectly. From 3D graphics, music and industrial design, to world building and the excellent graphic design by the Designers Republic. Looking back it is clear that this had a huge effect on Rasmus and his aspirations because it combined all these fields flawlessly, though it would not be clear to him for some years.

Rasmus started studying to become a graphic designer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts: School of Design, but remembered his love for imaginary worlds, and ultimately ended up specializing in Production Design and Visual Communication. After graduating from 5 years of studying, Rasmus had gotten a job as a concept Artist at Io Interactive in Copenhagen. Here Rasmus was allowed a lot of room to grow, and after doing a lot of different tasks in the field of game creation he soon became an Art Director for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

In 2012 Rasmus moved to Montreal to help establish a game studio; Square Enix Montreal. After focussing on company values, architecture and interior design, the team and Rasmus moved on to design mobile titles such as Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper. He then moved to Ubisoft in 2014, where he has been working on undisclosed projects since.

Beyond that, Rasmus has a small visual development bureau called Technouveau, that mainly does concept art and design. Here he has  gathered and displayed his work and gives a brief overview of his methodology. Rasmus has also done talks about the development process and communication of games and the like. Here you can also find other articles and interviews related to his process, artwork and games.

Visual Development Company:
Portfolio, RnD and sketches:

Cyberpunk City FullrezGalva Poster8AutoFist B 07FLATskitso5FLATFLATrasmus poulsen dropship attackrasmus poulsen ground effect bike

rasmus poulsen racer clean4flatrasmus poulsen bleh7brasmus poulsen bazaar 09flatrasmus poulsen space marinerasmus poulsen sketch homecomingrasmus poulsen hulk iirasmus poulsen falcon landingrasmus poulsen imperial escortrasmus poulsen flying wing 05flatrasmus poulsen ground effect car brasmus poulsen crawlersrasmus poulsen rollerrasmus poulsen star destroyers redesign 02 flat 02
rasmus poulsen rendezvous flat 01rasmus poulsen hell trooper 01rasmus poulsen wallrasmus poulsen departing 1330rasmus poulsen 360 cyberrasmus poulsen lufthansa transport shuttlerasmus poulsen speed shuttle 01


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