While Sergey Musin was studying Art, he had been also working on matte painting’s and compositing for a Russian studio called Dago Film, After five years Dago Film finally released its first blockbuster movie called Admiral. After this, Sergey Musin decided to shift to the video game company Sibilant as a Concept Artist. Sergey  had worked in games before that were very simple ‘homemade’ games. at the new company Sergey  said it was a great team, with an idea of an MMO project with a detailed world that afterward became Skyforge Online. After this he moved to Hyderabad in India, at BlueGiant Interactive to work on an RTS game project as an Art Director.
At the same time, Sergey was working on concepts for several projects for Radical Studios on a freelance basis, the same way he had been working with Lo-Fi Games.
In 2015 Sergey started working in Riva Digital, an outsourcing company where his team worked on VR projects, several video game and film projects including Attack on Titan and some not yet unannounced survival horror game. Sergey’s latest company is People Can Fly where he works on an unannounced action game project as a Senior Concept Artist.
As soon Sergey came back from a Himalayas trip and his Indian marriage, Sergey is now inspired by Indian culture and has begun thinking about his own video game project based on Indian Mythology.

instagram: @samice

Unearthly FinishedConcept cgs2 TarSandsEnvironment Concept4 bgart back The Dawn Of Man sergey musin swordsman concept3 sergey musin comicartwork forcgs2 sergey musin ut concept 2 priestess of the sun sergey musin energy source sergey musin endless story 09 sergey musin tech necronomicon 2

sergey musin endless story environment sergey musin adragoniscoming2 sergey musin mountain guardian sergey musin sf spacecraft2 sketch sergey musin arrival CreatureKanshiDog ConceptArt2 low LightCruiser 800 Angband13 Alientown Inside ofSphereHouse Ashlands sergey musin the ride anorder submission ashlands cityOverview2 sergey musin monsters sergey musin guards sergey musin holypass lq sergey musin thorny path sergey musin ruins lq sergey musin ultra citizen concept sergey musin hsb wfe om sergey musin enter the red sergey musin hunt lq sergey musin abattoir concept face redesigned04 3dt sergey musin parvati sergey musin old factory area
sergey musin sail alone sergey musin environment 004 4 sergey musin playercamp sergey musin fingolfin was a unicorn4 sergey musin endless story environment2 sergey musin sergey musin paladins cruiser sergey musin connected sergey musin through the forest sergey musin shivas arrow04 sergey musin departure sergey musin ready to sergey musin vimana recharge port sergey musin shivas fleet sergey musin new ship conceptexperimental 3 sergey musin the moment rebel base fighters


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