Stefan Stankovic is a 24 years old, Concept Designer and Illustrator working in video game and film industry. He studied Industrial Design at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. He worked on many diverse project from product design to short film and book covers, which gives him variety of experience in different fields.
He is currently working as a Concept Artist, and Illustrator in Mad Head Games, helping the team to create next big project.

He has a huge passion for photorealistic storytelling images that drives viewers imagination and creativity. The passion for history and science, is his main source of inspiration and his call for constant learning. His desire for discovering the world started at young age when he used to travel a lot and move to different places.

Beside his freelance and studio work, he is also writing and illustrating his new IP that is yet to be announced.

He believes that the best artists are those who are strongly driven by their industrious creation, constantly learning and growing.

stefan stankovic noon2stefan stankovic fossil soldier5stefan stankovic after aj tutorial

stefan stankovic prototype 33stefan stankovic droid military10stefan stankovic alien3stefan stankovic skelton baja recoveredstefan stankovic nov 15 render postprod4stefan stankovic untitled 1
stefan stankovic roman legions rework full 01stefan stankovic indian palace finalstefan stankovic arrival of the unknown screen res 2kstefan stankovic 00


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