Thom Tenery, Based in Los Angeles California produces concept design, visual development and illustration  in the entertainment industries. Thom’s education background stems from the ArtCenter College of Design, and a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington. Since graduating,Thom has worked in every field of visual development, be it Publishing, Film, TV, Game Development, Architecture or hosting workshops, Thom has a large array of skill sets spanning across many industries. 

Currently Thom Tenery Works at Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Brothers Pictures, recently projects that Thom has been involved in include Star Wars: Episode 8, Rogue One, Episode 7, Tron: Legacy, Oblivion and many more film projects. Thom has also been involved in the Publishing and Video Game industry with clients such as Id Software on Doom, Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Orbit Books, Playboy and many more.

ThomTenery_WOTC_ElvenCity07_DEMETER 13_prime_int ark_port capy_city_drift city_eater cray_400

flyers geotherm lime_brigade moonskip qzeik_war Red_Race sticks&stones strangler swamp swamp_nt ThomTenery_ErrethUnfor ThomTenery_GethenRising ThomTenery_KeysToDecember ThomTenery_Severian_Redux
ThomTenery_Shiva_sm ThomTenery_SilverLinings ThomTenery_StationsOfTheTide ThomTenery_Technotherium ThomTenery_TheBronzeRoad ThomTenery_TheReturn  ThomTenery_WOTC_Temple uiaro usonian



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