Guild Wars 2is an MMO developed by ArenaNet, previously known for the Guildwars Series. ArenaNet is founded by Mike O’Brien, Patrick Wyatt and Jeff Strain and located in Bellevue, Washington.

Mike O’brien is the president  of ArenaNet. Pior to ArenaNet Mike O’brien worked as a Company director and lead programmer at Blizzard Entertainment developing the Warcraft 3 engine, and led he also worked on Warcraft 2, Tides of Darkness, Diablo and starcraft. In earlier days Mike  developed an Apple II emulator for Windows, AppleWin, and old DOS ASCII game, Pyro 2.

Patrick Wyatt also worked at Blizzard Entertainment prior to Arenanet, there he worked as  Vice President of Research and Development and a senior programmer. leading the’s gaming network and a large contributer to the multiplayer parts of blizzards popular games. After, Patrick has then worked as a COO for En Masse Entertainment, launching an MMO in South Korea. Patrick went to be an Advisor for startup Undead Labs. Since then Patrick has joined Amazon Games as a Senior Principal Engineer.

Jeff Strain founded in 2009 Undead Labs to create a zombie game for consoles called State of Decay. Prior Jeff served ArenaNet and NCSoft as the leader of the Art and Production teams and presidents of product development respectively. earlier in Jeff’s carrer he worked as a lead programmer of World of Warcraft, created the StarCraft campaign editor and worked on Diablo and Warcraft 3.

Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG currently in development by ArenaNet, as a sequel to their episodic Guild Wars game series. It was announced in 2007 alongside the final Guild Wars expansion Eye of the North.

“The game takes place in the Guild Wars fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after the players defeat the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North expansion. Five elder dragons, sleeping beneath the continent, have awoken causing widespread destruction to Tyria and corrupting its inhabitants. Old and new races alike have begun to rise in the resulting power vacuum. Old cities have been destroyed and rebuilt, kingdoms seized and reformed by new rulers. The advancement of time is reflected in the changes in culture, including armor and clothing as well as in the advancement of in-game technology.

The player is tasked with uniting the different player races which is required to be able to effectively combat the elder dragons. The game primarily focuses on the combat against only one of these dragons, Zhaitan. Many of these races will clash, as well as unite to accomplish what new challenges Guild Wars 2 has to offer.”



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